Talking with Todd Smith today about names for the new generation we are on the forefront of creating. It seems kind of strange to think that we are, as a people, generally responsible for naming the people destined to take over. I guess thinking of those “people” as adults is tripping up my perspective.

He told me they (he and Jacy) have already decided as a couple that Everett will be the name of their first-born son, assuming they have one. It’s a good name for a boy, Everett “Rhett” Mitchell Smith. I like the name Cotton Ferguson to continue my lineage. I think it has a certain amount of charisma. It’s an older style of name, which I like because it pays homage to an older generation of good, hard-working men and women. Cotton Ferguson starts at the back of the mouth with a soft but powerful “K” sound and closes on a tongued consonant that acts like a springboard into the last name.

“Name” as food for thought.